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Southern Associates Enterprises, Inc. provides installation, service, repair, and monitoring for all types of water and sewage pump stations – including sewer pumps, water booster pumps, raw water pump stations, and effluent pump.Southern Associates also provides water and sewer engineering and water and sewer utility construction. SAE specializes in the design, construction, and repair of municipal water and sewer lift stations as well as package waste water treatment plants.


Our team of Professional Engineers brings considerable experience in the design and operation of water pump stations and sewer pump stations to your project.

Repair Service

Pump Station Services offers 24-hour repair service 7 days a week. Our response time is generally less than 2 hours in Metro-Atlanta. 24-Hour Service: 404-234-3666

Wet-Well Mounted

In a wet-well mounted pump station, the pumps are located at ground level above the wet well. Get Information On Wet-Well Mounted

Factory-Built Dry Pit

In a factory-built dry pit station, the pumps, valves, piping, and controls are factory installed inside a cylindrical steel chamber. The pumps are usually of the non-clog type.

Preventative Maintenance

Annual Preventative Maintenance Contracts are available with 24-hour service support

Submersible Non-Clog Pump Sytems

A submersible non-clog pump operates underwater. The motor is sealed water-tight and designed to operate while being submerged in the waste-water.

Specializes in the design, installation, and field service of water pump and sewer pump stations.

We offer a variety of services including engineering design, construction, installation, field services, and preventative maintenance.

Latest News

Southern Associates is a leader in the design, installation, and field service of water and sewer pump stations and will now be HCP’s representative for the entire State of Georgia.

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