Big News for the Dallas Georgia Sewer System installed by Southern Associates Enterprise, Inc.

Big News for the Dallas Georgia Sewer System installed by Southern Associates Enterprise, Inc.

Southern Associates Enterprises, Inc. is excited to announce that the sewer system for the city of Dallas, Georgia. The new sewer pump station that is being approved by the city of Georgia and the Environmental Protection Division. The construction of the new station is being handled by Southern Associates, which has installed similar stations around the Atlanta area for over 10 years. Currently the plans are for a 60 horsepower duplex pump and pump station with an 8 inch force main. Not only will this sewer pumping station service the new Dallas Industrial Park but it will also have the ability to be connected to several other future developments that have been planned for the area, all of which will share the same drainage basin. For some time now the City of Dallas has recognized the need to revise the specifications for their sewer system, and this new pumping station is a big step in that process. The new station will be able to accommodate the needs of the new industrial park as well as the surrounding areas. Southern Associates will be working closely with the city to make sure that this new pumping station meets all of the needs and specifications that is planned for the area. In addition, the design for this one particular pumping station could also be used in future stations throughout the entire sewer collection system of the city.

Southern Associates Enterprises, Inc. has a long history of quality design and service throughout the metro-Atlanta area. Started by Steven Dalton in 2003 the company quickly began to grow. Even though Mr. Dalton is president of the company he still believes in a hands-on approach, which is why he still serves as a pump station design engineer and pump station service engineer. Since 2003 he has installed sewer pump stations for homeowners associations, private businesses, restaurants, churches, commercial properties, and many other new developments throughout Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Southern Associates can better accommodate its customers in terms of scheduling freedom and superior responsiveness than its competitors because its owns all of the excavating equipment, skid steers, pump station, and pipeline materials that is necessary for the build. Not only does Mr. Dalton design and supervise the construction of all sewer-pumping stations himself but he also provides a preventative maintenance service contracts for all for his customers. The City of Dallas Georgia is planning ahead for bigger future and Southern Associates Enterprises, Inc. is thrilled to be a part of it.

About Southern Associates:
Southern Associates also provides water and sewer engineering and water and sewer utility construction. SAE specializes in the design, construction, and repair of municipal water and sewer lift stations as well as package waste water treatment plants. Southern Associates was incorporated in September 2003 by Steven Dalton. Steven Dalton is the president of the company, he also continues to serve as a Pump Station Design Engineer, Sewer Pump Station Service Engineer and a Licensed Utility Manager.

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