Acworth Pump Station force main repair

Acworth Pump Station force main repair

IMG_0755-300x225Southern Associates is pleased to announce that it has has recently completed the Acworth Pump Station force main repair project. The force main had a leak approximately 3.5′ from wet well that needed to be excavated, cut and repaired with a solid 2″ sleeve. Because the breaks in both of the pipes occurred during the ice storm of January 2014, we assume they were caused by water freezing in the pipes, even though this seems unlikely.

After digging down to the root of the problem, we discovered both discharge pipes were broken between the 90 degree elbows and the exit through the side of the wet well. The repairs of both lines were completed by cutting the discharge pipes below the elbows, installing solid 2″ sleeves, and replacing the piping from the below the elbows all the way to the exit at the side of the wet well.

About Southern Associates:
Southern Associates also provides water and sewer engineering and water and sewer utility construction. SAE specializes in the design, construction, and repair of municipal water and sewer lift stations as well as package waste water treatment plants. Southern Associates was incorporated in September 2003 by Steven Dalton. Steven Dalton is the president of the company, he also continues to serve as a Pump Station Design Engineer, Sewer Pump Station Service Engineer and a Licensed Utility Manager.

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