Types of Sewage Pump Stations

Types of Sewage Pump Stations
Five types of commonly used sewage pump stations include:

1. Submersible Non-Clog

A submersible non-clog pump operates underwater. The motor is sealed water-tight and designed to operate while being submerged in the wastewater. A non-clog pump can handle solids as large as a tennis ball without clogging. The pumps are removable for maintenance without a person entering the wet well. A pump can be easily hoisted out on guide rails by a person standing on the ground surface. The electrical control panel is mounted on posts above ground. This type of station normally includes a separate valve chamber. It is considered the lowest cost sewage pump station for many applications.

2. Submersible Grinder
A submersible grinder pump is similar to a non-clog pump except that it grinds up the solid matter in sewage rather than pumping it. A grinder pump can have smaller discharge piping than a non-clog pump.

3. Wet-Well Mounted

In a wet-well mounted pump station, the pumps are located at ground level above the wet well. The water rises up from the wet well to the pump through a vertical suction pipe. The pumps can be self-priming or primed with a small vacuum pump. The pumps, valves, and control panel are located above grade. The equipment is usually housed in a removable, insulated, and heated fiberglass enclosure. This is a relatively economical installation.

4. Factory-Built Dry Pit

In a factory-built dry pit station, the pumps, valves, piping, and controls are factory installed inside a cylindrical steel chamber. The pumps are usually of the non-clog type. The motor is mounted on top of the pump. The pump chamber is delivered to the site as a prefabricated package and installed underground next to a separate wet well. A cylindrical tube is needed to provide access to the pump station from the ground surface. The access tube is connected to the pump chamber in the field. A portable engine-driven pump can be used as standby in case of a power failure.

5. Built-in-Place
In this type of station, both the wet well and dry well are constructed of reinforced concrete on-site. The aboveground structure is often brick and block. The pumps, piping, valves, and control panel are field installed. This type of station is more appropriate for the larger capacity installations. An engine-driven generator can be installed for use in case of a power failure.

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